Job description

Job Description
Administrative management of a wide range of Catering supplies (fresh, perishable, and frozen - foods, snacks, beverages, disposables, crockery and linen, printing, and office supplies), through an automated logistics system places and administrative and logistical settlement of orders; Storage and dispensing of perishable goods (packaged food, beverages, disposables, supplies, printing, and office supplies), according to a standard procedure.

Key operational responsibilities and tasks

  • Saving incoming goods in the warehouse. Warehouse and to bring the desired location in racking locations of goods using trolley ; Applying the first-in / first-out principle (last incoming goods back).
  • Issuing of goods on the basis of orders. Take out storage racks and collect the requested goods. Delivering goods to the designated location within the company. 
  • Keeping warehouses, shelving units, transport devices, and packaging space clean. 
  • Ensuring that returned items are disposed of and recorded properly. 5. Undertake other - with the above related - work commissioned by the operational supervisor.

Main administrative responsibilities and tasks

  • Monitoring the article range; incl: Monitoring the flow of goods on the basis of weekly listings; Adjusting minimum and maximum inventory levels to demand patterns, taking into account order sizes, delivery conditions, and general guidelines. 
  • Placing orders with known suppliers, incl: Calling out orders from regular suppliers, placing all ad hoc orders for goods described in specified suppliers; Checking the goods receipts and invoices. 
  • Keep track of purchasing records, incl: Recording of stocks and creating and distributing regular reviews of shopping and warehouse stocks, this includes the establishment, maintenance, and improvement of a stock management system; possibly falling on weekends and/or holidays; Archiving purchasing documents.
  • At the request of the supervisor - perform other work in other departments and execute projects.

Other information and aggravating circumstances

Compliance with rules on safety, health and safety, HACCP, and work and presentation methods (corporate).Effort in lifting and moving crates, boxes, barrels, and pushing trolleys. Walking or standing partly in a forced position. Impact of drafts and temperature differences (in some seasons) when accepting goods at open outside doors. Risk of injury by knocks on limbs and entrapment. Strenuous posture and the unilateral load of eye and back muscles to work with PC or automated system. Sometimes talk of workload peaks in the workload.

Job requirements


  • Flexible and hardworking
  • Physically fit
  • The ability to speak English
  • Willingness to work and learn
  • You live nearby or in Amsterdam


  • Hotel benefits – Sircle Collection (The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Austria)
  • Discount: Employee rate (35%) and Family & Friends rate (25%)
  • Restaurant benefits - The Entourage Group (25%)
  • Sale moments at XBANK (10%)
  • Collective Health Insurance
  • Business Fitness Netherlands (3,259)

Fun (for free)

  • Bootcamp every Monday @ Sir Adam – Sircle Collection
  • Birthday & Christmas Gifts
  • Paid moving day


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THE ENTOURAGE GROUP is an unexampled hospitality imperium, creating and building internationally acclaimed concepts. The brainchild of creative entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo ‘Hospitality Entrepreneur of 2015’, THE ENTOURAGE GROUP’s story began in Amsterdam in 2008 with the launch of MOMO, a sophisticated Asian-fusion restaurant, bar, and lounge that immediately established itself as the go-to venue for local and international tastemakers. The success story continued with the creation of A-list favorites such as IZAKAYA, THE BUTCHER, THE BUTCHER Social Club, SHIRKHAN, Toni Loco, THE DUCHESS, MR PORTER STEAKHOUSE, and Bepita.

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